Reminder: Bravery Under Fire on EWTN tomorrow, Sunday

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, and also Veteran’s Day in the US, EWTN will air Bravery Under Fire tomorrow, Sunday, at 13.30 ET in the US and 21.30 Irish time. Spread the word, so that more people can come to know Fr Doyle.



More international interest in Fr Doyle: Bravery Under Fire to be screened in Brussels

Next Wednesday, 14th November, at 7pm Bravery Under Fire will be screened in the Chapel for Europe in Brussels. Call in if you happen to be in Belgium! You can find the church here: 

It is exciting to see increasing international interest in Fr Doyle. This is precisely what is needed if his cause is to be opened at some point in the future. If you would like to host a screening of Bravery Under Fire, or organise a talk in your parish or town, please let us know!

Thoughts for October 31 from Fr Willie Doyle

St Alphonsus Rodriguez

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez is a striking example of one who, though in a lowly station in life, devoid of all that in the eyes of the world makes for greatness, yet did a mighty work for God. With a heart burning with zeal, which prayer alone could not satisfy, he saw in the young ardent Peter Claver a ready instrument for the work he longed to do. With burning words he fires the soul of the future apostle with a hunger for abandoned souls. He tells him of the wretched slaves dragging out a miserable existence in a far-off world, knowing not the name of Jesus; he pictures to him the rich and golden harvest to be reaped, the victories over sin and Satan; he whispers of the pain and suffering, the heat, the toil, the lingering death, till Claver’s heart is aflame with zeal, burning with a holy fire.

With tender love did the old saint watch the young one grow in virtue day by day; with trembling hands he begs that grace may fall upon this fresh ardent soul and make him worthy of the heavenly call. Alphonsus’ eyes soon must close in death, his time is nearly run, his hour of sweet repose is drawing near; but if he may no longer toil for God, at least he longs to leave behind him one whom by his prayers and bright example he has made a saint.

COMMENT: Today is the feast of St Alphonsus Rodriguez, a Spanish Jesuit saint of the 16th and 17th century. He was a doorkeeper in the Jesuit house on Majorca. How many saints have been doorkeepers! From the top of my head, the distinguished list includes St Faustina, St Josephine Bakhita, St Conrad of Parzham, St Martin de Porres, Venerable Consolata Betrone, Venerable Solanus Casey and one of the most recently canonised saints, St Andre Bessette, as well as numerous others. The doorkeeper plays an important role in religious houses, acting as a link with the outside world. But it is also a humble one. Perhaps the Lord is trying to tell us something with the sheer number of saints who have held this humble role.

The humility of St Alphonsus’ task is one reason why Fr Doyle should have such admiration for him. After all, Fr Doyle’s constant theme of performing simple tasks well is readily applicable to the life of a humble doorkeeper. St Alphonsus also had great evangelical zeal, and he played a formative role in the life of the great apostle of the slaves, St Peter Claver. This aspect of St Alphonsus also clearly appealed to Fr Doyle, the tireless apostle.

May the example of St Alphonsus Rodriguez teach us that the simplest and most humble tasks are compatible with great sanctity.

You may read more about the spirituality of St Alphonsus Rodriguez here.

Many thanks to EWTN

Many thanks to EWTN for the hospitality and kindness I received while there, and their interest i the heroic life of Fr Doyle.

EWTN Live was broadcast on Wednesday and is now available on YouTube. I also recorded two other programmes – Bookmark and Life on the Rock. These will air at a later date.

With Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ of Life on the Rock
With Doug Keck, President and Chief Operating Officer of EWTN, and host of Bookmark 
With Fr Mark and Br John, hosts of Life on the Rock

More exciting news about Fr Doyle – THREE more Fr Doyle programmes on EWTN!!

I am pleased to share some more important news relating to Fr Doyle. 

In two week’s time I have the great privilege of travelling to the EWTN studios in Alabama to appear on three different programmes to discuss Fr Doyle and the imminent release of To Raise the Fallen, published by Ignatius Press in the United States later this month.

On Wednesday October 24th I will be the guest on EWTN Live with Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ.

On Thursday 25th I will be the guest on Life on the Rock.

Also on Thursday 25th I will record an interview for Bookmark, EWTN’s book review programme. 

EWTN Live and Life on the Rock will be broadcast on the 24th and 25th respectively in the United States, and the following day in Europe. Bookmark will be broadcast at a later date, which will be announced when I have more details. 

I am very excited about these opportunities to speak about Fr Doyle and to introduce him to a wider audience. Please share this information and help create more publicity for Fr Doyle!

I shall be in San Francisco for all of the following week, and on Saturday November 3 I hope to attend the 40th Anniversary conference of Ignatius Press, to be held in that city. If anybody who reads this blog happens to live in Alabama or San Francisco, or is attending that conference, please let me know – it would be great to meet! I am also available to speak about Fr Doyle at any events or parishes in San Francisco between October 27 and November 3. It’s rather a long shot, but I’ll throw it out there, just in case…