Coming soon: To Raise the Fallen to be published in the US by Ignatius Press!

I am extremely happy to announce that To Raise the Fallen will be published later this autumn (or fall, for our American readers) by Ignatius Press. This will allow many more people to learn about Fr Doyle, and hopefully increase devotion to him. Fr Doyle was once known around the world, particularly in the United States. For example, by 1931, just 14 years after his death, the Jesuits in Ireland had received 1,872 reports of favours from the United States alone that were allegedly granted through Fr Doyle’s intercession. There are letters from every single State attesting to people’s belief in the power of his intercession.

I expect the book to be available in late October or early November – more details when they are available. It will also hopefully lead to several media and promotional opportunities in the United States. More on that in the coming weeks. 

I am also grateful to the design team in Ignatius Press for the wonderful new cover for the North American edition. 


Fr Willie the Wonder Worker?

Instead of a quote from Fr Doyle, today we present, courtesy of the Irish Messenger, a scanned copy of a booklet published in 1931 entitled “Father Willie”. It seems appropriate to look at this booklet today, the day following his anniversary. And the title of today’s post, suggesting that Fr Doyle is a “wonder worker” is not mine, but rather comes from this Jesuit pamphlet.

No author is mentioned for this booklet which leads me to believe that it was written by Fr Doyle’s brother Fr Charles Doyle SJ. Fr Charlie was Fr Willie’s great friend and boyhood companion, and it was he who recruited Willie to the Jesuits – Willie had considered becoming a diocesan priest and decided to become a Jesuit following some prodding from Charlie.

The first 19 pages of the booklet provide a short biography of Fr Doyle’s life which might be of special interest for individuals who are relatively new to this site. There are some letters attesting to people’s devotion to Fr Doyle, followed by an incredible 26 pages of reported favours and cures allegedly granted through Fr Doyle’s intercession.

The figures are astounding. The booklet was published in 1931, a mere 14 years after Fr Doyle’s death, and only 11 years after the first edition of O’Rahilly’s biography was first published. In that time, a staggering 6,426 alleged favours were reported through Fr Doyle’s intercession!

These alleged favours came from all around the world – amongst many other countries from every continent, there are 101 from Australia, 21 from New Zealand, 53 from India, 11 from Brazil, 71 from various parts of Africa, 57 from Holland, 791 from England, 1,872 from the United States and 3,197 from Ireland.

These figures are truly amazing in an era before the internet and global mass media, especially when one considers the social and economic situation in the 1920’s. It is also likely that many more people felt that they received favours from Fr Doyle but never got around to reporting them. The true figure is likely much higher than 6,426,

Of course, without further details, and without the guidance of the Church, one cannot say with certainty that Fr Doyle answered these prayers, or that there is anything other than natural processes at work. Some of the alleged favours are quite small. Having said that, some seem to involve significant and unexplained healings.

The one conclusion that we can definitely draw from this booklet was that there was a significant, global devotion to Fr Doyle in the first half of the 20th Century, and that many thousands of people felt that their prayers were answered through his intercession.

Some people do not fully appreciate the Communion of Saints. In our natural world, we do not hesitate to ask others – friends, family, priests – to pray for us and for our concerns. The doctrine of the Communion of Saints is the very same, except we ask our friends in Heaven (the saints) to pray for us. It is not the saints themselves who answer our prayer, and we do not strictly pray to them, but we ask them to intercede for us with God. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church expresses it:

They do not cease to intercede with the Father for us, as they proffer the merits which they acquired on earth through the one mediator between God and men, Christ Jesus.

So, let us remember that we have a friend in Fr Doyle, and ask him for his help in our temporal and spiritual needs, whether they are big or small. And let us remember that the best way to ensure the beatification and canonisation of those we admire is through reporting favours we feel have come through their intercession.

Here is the booklet:

Fr Willie (1931)

2 days until Fr Doyle’s anniversary. What will YOU do to make him more well known?

Fr Doyle’s 101st anniversary is in two days time – August 16. It is an excellent time to tell people about his life and his message. I always find that people – even if they have little or no faith or interest in religion – are amazed at his life and his heroism when they first encounter him. Introducing people to the example of Fr Doyle is a useful act of apostolate. 

Perhaps it would be good to take the opportunity of his anniversary to tell people about Fr Doyle? Perhaps his example has enriched your life in some way? There’s no better way to thank him than by telling others about him. 

You could refer people to this site – talk to them, email them, or put a note about it on Facebook or twitter or some other social network. 

Have you told your local priest about Fr Doyle? Or if you are in a prayer group, have you told them? 

Have you read any of the books about Fr Doyle? The classic and original O’Rahilly biography, or Carole Hope’s Worshiper and Worshipped, or the Catholic Truth Society booklet by K.V. Turley? This CTS booklet has the great advantage of being relatively cheap to buy – you can buy a bundle and distribute them! Or perhaps my own recent effort To Raise the Fallen? The more people who buy it now, the greater visibility it will have in shops. Links to all of these are available in the right hand column (if you read this on a smart phone the column may not be there, but will be if you read it on a computer).  

Perhaps you might want to send somebody this newsletter on Fr Doyle from St Joseph’s Abbey in Flavigny in France? Flavigny newsletter May 2013

Perhaps most importantly this year, have you watched Bravery Under Fire on EWTN? Have you told others about it and promoted it on social media?

Almost all of us can find something to do to make Fr Doyle more well known over these next two days!

Important: Bravery Under Fire airs for the first time TODAY on EWTN

Bravery Under Fire airs in the US at 10pm Eastern.

In Ireland and the UK it airs at 4pm.

It also airs in Australia, I think that the schedule tries to localise the time for me to Irish time, rather than Australian time. Australian details can be found here: 

The programme may also be streamed from the relevant local EWTN site at the listed time.

Please spread the word so that as many people as possible can get to know Fr Doyle through this programme. 

Clip about Fr Doyle on EWTN Live with Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ

There was a short segment about Fr Doyle on EWTN Live two nights ago, previewing the upcoming docudrama Bravery Under Fire. It lasts approximately 5 minutes. The section about Fr Doyle starts at 3 mins 20 seconds into the video. 

Thanks to EWTN for their continuing interest in preserving and promoting the memory of Fr Doyle.

Bravery Under Fire show times next week on EWTN


Bravery Under Fire airs next week on EWTN. It is a substantial docudrama about the life of Fr Doyle, from his childhood through to his heroic death in World War 1. It features a series of re-enactments from his life, as well as a number of interviews. It seeks to provide not just an outline of his life and activities, but also to explore how his spiritual life was the driving motivation for his heroism in the war.

It will air in Ireland and the UK on Sunday 12th at 4pm and Thursday 16th at 9am. 

In the US it will air at the following times:
Sunday 12th 10pm ET
Thursday 16th 3.30pm ET
Saturday 18th 9am ET
Sunday 19th 1.30pm ET
It will also air in other countries at different times next week – please see you local EWTN webpage for details. It should also be possible to stream it from the relevant local EWTN website at the above times. 
Please share this information with others, so that they can come to know about Fr Doyle’s life and spirituality.