To Raise the Fallen was the number 3 hardback non-fiction best seller in Ireland last week

The sales figures for To Raise the Fallen place it as the Number 3* hardback non-fiction book in Ireland last week. That is a phenomenal achievement given the vast competition and the fact that this is Ireland in 2017. This is not about boasting or anything like that. I share this information because it shows that Fr Doyle is still relevant for people today. His writings have been met with a tremendous reception. Not only was he a brilliant writer, able to vividly capture the tragedy of war, but his charming personality and his spiritual insights and advice resonate with so many people today. His life and example are a good news story that need to be retold.

(*Due to a cataloguing error somewhere in the process, the book was not registered as a hardback for best seller list purposes, but as a paperback, hence the book will not officially appear on the best seller lists :-(. Nonetheless the sales figures mean that it was de facto the number 3 best selling hardback non-fiction seller last week…)


Reminder: Lecture about Fr Doyle this Wednesday, 1pm, Central Catholic Library, Dublin

I shall give a talk about Fr Doyle this Wednesday, August 23, at 1pm in the Central Catholic Library, Merrion Square, Dublin.

Copies of To Raise the Fallen will be available at the talk.

I am also available to give talks about Fr Doyle around Ireland (or elsewhere!). I already have some other dates for other events in my diary and will publicise them in due course. Fr Doyle’s heroism and generosity are a good news story. It’s time to tell that good news story once again!!

I hope to record the presentation and make it available online, barring unforeseen logistical difficulties in doing so…

A note on To Raise the Fallen from the blog Vultus Christi

Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, the founder and prior of Silverstream Priory in County Meath, has kindly written a nice note about To Raise the Fallen. He describes Fr Doyle very poetically as an incandescent figure of holiness – high praise from one who has an intimate knowledge of many of the canonised saints.

Silverstream Priory is one of the hidden good news stories of the church in Ireland. There is no longer room in the monastery for the many young men seeking a vocation there.

The Church in Ireland needs more good news stories like this!

Dom Marks’s comments here

Documentary: The Irish at Passchendaele

Ronan McGreevy of the Irish Times has produced a fascinating documentary about the Irish involvement in World War 1. Today the Irish Times published the segment featuring the Battle of Passchendaele and the Irish involvement therein. Fr Doyle features extensively, and we get a glimpse of the terrain where he worked and was killed. 

Thanks to Ronan for his hard work in keeping the memory of these Irish soldiers alive and for his ongoing interest in Fr Doyle.

Article about Fr Doyle in the Independent (UK)

Robert Fisk published an article about Fr Doyle in the Independent (UK) yesterday. It is an interesting, but somewhat unusual, take on Fr Doyle. There are some factual and theological difficulties with it, and it is rather polemical. I link to it here only for the historical record and without comment one way or the other.


Some photographs from the launch of To Raise the Fallen

Below are some photographs of last week’s very successful book launch of To Raise the Fallen. I am a bit late putting them up, but it has been busy!! I hope these give a sense of the launch, and the interest in Fr Doyle, for all of those who live in other parts of the world. Thanks to my friend Sam who took the photographs.

Pamela McLoughlin, Marketing Manager of Veritas opens the launch


Tony Canavan, Editor of Books Ireland, addresses the launch


Ronan McGreevy, Irish Times, delivers a wonderful tribute to Fr Doyle


View of part of the crowd


View of part of the crowd


View of part of the crowd


Some young fans of Fr Doyle