Reminder: Interview about Fr Doyle on EWTN Tues 19.00 and Wed 10.30 Irish/UK time

A reminder that I will discuss Fr Doyle and To Raise the Fallen on EWTN at 19.00 Tuesday and 10.30 Wednesday Irish time. The programme will air in the US in March.


To Raise the Fallen on EWTN Bookmark next Tuesday and Wednesday

I have the great privilege of featuring on EWTN’s Bookmark programme to discuss Fr Doyle and To Raise the Fallen next Tuesday January 15th at 19.00 and Wednesday January 16 at 10.30am in Europe.

The programme will air in the United States in March, so, unfortunately, if you are in the US you will have to wait!

However, if you are in Europe you can see this episode next week. Please watch and share with others, so that Fr Doyle can be more well known!

Thanks in advance to Dough Keck for his great interview!

Here is a brief promotional trailer for the programme.



With Doug Keck, President and Chief Operating Officer of EWTN, and host of Bookmark

Pope Francis, Fr Adolphe Tanquerey, and Fr Doyle

Pope Francis gave his annual lecture to the members of the Roman curia last week. And he had a gift for them – a copy of Adolphe Tanquerey’s The Spiritual Life. 

Tanquerey was a French priest and seminary professor (in Baltimore) who died in 1932. He wrote manuals in dogmatic, moral and spiritual theology. The book Pope Francis gave to the Roman curial officials was Tanquerey’s classic on spiritual and ascetical theology. It can be found here:

The book deals with all aspects of the spiritual life, including the virtues, their opposing vices, and the three stages of the spiritual life (the purgative, illuminative and unitive paths). The book is a synthesis of the best of classic Catholic spirituality.

The book is based on Tanquerey’s vast engagement with the best of Catholic spiritual writing, and it lists a series of classics of Catholic spirituality. The book states that only the most important books are mentioned.

And that’s where Fr Doyle comes in. For in the midst of classics by Fathers and Doctors of the Church, we find O’Rahilly’s biography of Fr Doyle listed amongst these most important books.

The O’Rahilly book is a masterpiece, and O’Rahilly himself was surely a bona fide genius. But it’s not O’Rahilly’s genius that merited Tanquerey’s attention, but the spiritual genius of his subject.

Fr Doyle was a master spiritual tactician, with practical advice for everyone, no matter what their stage or state of life is. And it is surely this mastery of practical spiritual tactics that merits his inclusion on Tanquerey’s list of most important spiritual books. 

In his treatise on the spiritual life, Tanquerey dealt extensively with mortification. He had the following to say:

770 …To jeer at the austerities of former Christian days is a baneful error of modern times. As a matter of fact the saints of all ages, those that have been beatified in these latter days as well as those of old, have severely chastised their bodies and their exterior senses, well aware that man’s whole being must be brought into subjection, that in the state of fallen nature, man’s whole being must be crucified if he is to belong wholly to God…

771… St Paul was so alive to the necessity of mortifying the flesh that he punished it severely in order to escape sin and final reprobation: “But I chastise my body and bring it into subjection; lest perhaps when I have preached to others I myself should become a castaway” (1 Cor. 9:27).

So here we have Fr. Adolphe Tanquerey, master of spiritual theology, endorsing both physical mortification and, also, O’Rahilly’s study of Fr Doyle’s spiritual life. And Tanquerey himself has just been endorsed by Pope Francis, as a Christmas gift and as recommended spiritual reading for his closest collaborators in the Vatican.

Pope Tanquery
Pope Francis presents Tanquerey’s The Spiritual Life to the staff of the Vatican curia



Fr Doyle’s booklet on Vocations republished

Fr Doyle’s famous booklet “Vocations” has recently been republished by Os Justi Press. It can be found here in the US:

And here in the UK:

 “Vocations” had a huge impact during Fr Doyle’s life, and even more so after his death – there have certainly been hundreds – and in reality probably many thousands – of men and women who have discovered or been strengthened in their vocations through Fr Doyle’s writing and, in particular, through this booklet.

Here is Fr Doyle writing about it himself:

You will be glad to know, as I was, that the ninth edition (ninety thousand copies) of my little book, Vocations, is rapidly being exhausted. After my ordination, when I began to be consulted on this important subject, I was struck by the fact that there was nothing one could put into the hands of boys and girls to help them to a decision, except ponderous volumes, which they would scarcely read … I realised the want for some time; but one evening as I walked back to the train after dining with you, the thought of the absolute necessity for such a book seized me so strongly, that there and then I made up my mind to persuade someone to write it, for I never dreamt of even attempting the task myself. 

I soon found out that the shortest way to get a thing done is to do it yourself … I remember well when the manuscript had passed the censors to my great surprise, the venerable manager of the Messenger Office began shaking his head over the prospect of its selling, for as he said with truth, ‘It is a subject which appeals to a limited few’. He decided to print five thousand, and hinted I might buy them all myself! 

Then when the pamphlet began to sell and orders to come in fast, I began to entertain the wild hope that by the time I reached the stage of two crutches and a long white beard, I might possibly see the one hundred thousand mark reached. We are nearly at that now without any pushing or advertising, and I hope the crutches and flowing beard are still a long way off. God is good, is he not? As the second edition came out only in the beginning of 1914 the sale has been extraordinarily rapid. 

It is consoling from time to time to receive letters from convents or religious houses, saying that some novice had come to them chiefly through reading Vocations; for undoubtedly there are many splendid soldiers lost to Christ’s army for the want of a little help and encouragement.

The text of the booklet was already available online, but the great benefit of this publication is that it is now available in a beautifully produced hard copy, newly formatted with very attractive font and production values. This would make a great gift for any young (or not so young) person who has not settled on their future yet.

It is certain that many religious houses used this book in the past to promote vocations. Fr Doyle’s inspirations are as relevant now as they were 100 years ago, so perhaps some religious houses will use it again to encourage vocations to their institute or monastery.

Of note also is the fact that the republication of Fr Doyle’s booklet is a further sign that devotion to Fr Doyle is growing around the world. This is so important if his cause is ever to be opened. So please keep talking about and sharing material by, and about, Fr Doyle!

Congratulations and thanks to Os Justi Press for their initiative and work on this. Perhaps we might soon seen Os Justi Press republish Fr Doyle’s “Shall I be a priest?” and “Scruples and their treatment”???

A sample of the high quality formatting in this new edition of Vocations.

Interview about Fr Doyle on EWTN Life on the Rock

During my recent trip to EWTN’s studios in Alabama I recorded an episode of Life on the Rock. It was a great privilege to meet Fr Mark and Br John and to talk about Fr Doyle.

The episode is airing this week in different parts of the world at different times on EWTN, but it is available now online. Please watch, share and promote awareness of Fr Doyle!

Recent interview on EWTN Radio

Continuing with my attempt to archive recent radio interviews about Fr Doyle and To Raise the Fallen, here is a link to a recent radio interview on EWTN’s Morning Glory. I was particularly pleased that Monsignor Charles Pope of the archdiocese of Washington DC was part of this interview panel; Mgr Pope is a wonderful writer and a priest whose insights I have come to gtreatly appreciate. 

The interview starts at 42 minutes into this recording and lasts about 10 minutes.