30 July 1914

I long to get back to my little room at night, to calm and quiet, and yet I dread it, for He is often so loving there. I feel He is near because I cannot go to Him in the Tabernacle. It is such a helpless feeling to be tossed about as it were on the waves of love, to feel the ardent, burning love of His heart, to know He asks for love, and then to realise one human heart is so tiny. 

One thought on “30 July 1914

  1. My goodness. What beauty. As we can imagine we might feel a taste of that agony of a heart that longs to be with the Beloved, now, what a consolation to realize and imagine the unspeakable joy that is now Fr. Doyle’s. To behold the Face of his Beloved, for eternity. Thank you.

    Fr. Doyle, pray for us!!

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