Update on baby William

A few days ago we posted a request for prayers for a 3 day old baby boy who had been experiencing a blockage of the bowel. https://fatherdoyle.com/2021/03/09/please-pray-through-fr-doyles-intercession-for-3-day-old-baby-william/

The update is very positive – William is now in full health, and is at home with his family. All of his tests are good and he has no symptoms of any illness and needs no further intervention. His family wishes to thank everyone for their prayers and support. 

However, there is an interesting twist to the story.

24 hours after birth William became unwell. He was not feeding, and was vomiting up the milk that was given to him. He had not had a bowel movement, and an X-ray showed some type of blockage. He was moved to the high dependency during his second night. The maternity hospital decided it was best to move him to the specialist children’s hospital for further tests and possibly for an operation. There was also some speculation about the possibility of an infection, and even sepsis, developing. 

Given all of these circumstances, and in particular the risk of an adverse event occurring quickly, the family decided that it was appropriate to have recourse to an emergency baptism. This was performed by his mother while he lay in his incubator in the high dependency unit of the maternity hospital. Immediately upon completion of the baptism the bowel blockage was resolved – he had his first bowel movement, 55 hours after his birth. From then on he improved by the hour with all other symptoms of illness resolving themselves quickly, and all further tests were very satisfactory.

Was it coincidence that this health crisis was resolved spontaneously, and with no ongoing symptoms, at the moment of baptism? Or was there a special grace that accompanied the sacrament? 

It is also interesting that the moment of baptism was the moment in which this baby was formally given the name William, and placed under the protection of Fr Doyle, after whom he was named.

6 thoughts on “Update on baby William

  1. Praised be Jesus! What wonderful news! Wishing little William a happy and holy life through the intercession of dear Fr. Willie Doyle.

  2. This was certainly not a coincidence. Thank you for the update. Thank God and Fr. Doyle for his intercession!

  3. Wonderful news, thank God and Mary. However, was there no Priest to attend the child? Fr Doyle would have been there if he had been needed. God bless this family.

    • I think in this case there was a relatively limited window of time very early in the morning before the baby was to be moved to a different hospital and there was no opportunity for any priest to have access.

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