Prayers for Liam in Ontario, Canada through Fr Willie Doyle’s intercession

We have a new prayer request, this time for a 12 year old boy in Canada called Liam (the Irish for William). Liam has wanted to be a priest since he was 4; in fact he wants to be a military chaplain. I am reminded of how Fr Willie worked to help so many young people find their vocations in life, including those who suffered ill health. Indeed his own vocation was once in doubt due to his own health challenges. 
Liam has both neurofibromatosis and scoliosis. He was supposed to go into a body cast at the end of March but that did not happen because of Covid. His spine has now gone from 67 degrees of curvature to 97. Apparently the spine has collapsed part of his lower right lung. Liam now needs critical spinal surgery to fuse metal rods to parts of the spine, which will impede his growth. The scheduling of this surgery is challenging because of Covid.
Let us all pray through Fr Doyle’s intercession for the healing of Liam and his complete restoration to good health.

Prayer through the intercession of Fr Willie Doyle (for private use)

O Jesus, who has given us the example of Your servant, Father William Doyle, graciously grant us the favours we ask You through his intercession…(Pray here for the healing and cure of Liam in Ontario.)

Teach us to imitate his love for You, his heroic devotion to Your service, his zeal for repairing the outrages done to Your Sacred Heart. And, for Your greater glory and the salvation of souls, hear our prayer and grant that the credit we believe He enjoys in Heaven may be recognised solemnly by the Church, so that we may soon be able to venerate him in public worship.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

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