25 July 1917: A soldier shows his gratitude to Fr Doyle (Post 5 of 5 today)

In today’s FIFTH post (I think this is a record!) Fr Doyle recounts a touching scene in which a soldier shows him his gratitude.

One of my men, belonging to the Irish Rifles, of which I have charge also, passed by. We chatted for a few minutes and then he went on, but came back shortly with a steaming bowl of coffee which he had bought for me. ‘ I am not one of your flock, Father,’ he said, ‘ but we have all a great liking for you.’ And then he added: ‘If all the officers treated us as you do, our lives would be different.’ I was greatly touched by the poor lad’s thoughtfulness, and impressed by what he said: a kind word often goes further than one thinks, and one loses nothing by remembering that even soldiers are human beings and have feelings like anyone else.

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