Thoughts for June 28 from Fr Willie Doyle

If an aspiration, on the authority of the Blessed Cure d’Ars, often saved a soul, what must you not do each day you suffer so bravely! This thought certainly will help you and make the pain almost nothing, and will add to its merit, since the motive for bearing it will be all the higher.

COMMENT: Today’s quotation comes from a letter of spiritual direction Fr Doyle wrote to somebody who was sick. Like many popular spiritual directors of his era, Fr Doyle had a very heavy daily correspondence with many people, especially nuns. In fact, he found this work difficult as it placed a heavy burden on him – he was known to receive a couple of dozen letters seeking spiritual direction in a single day. However, despite the burden, he persevered, and indeed it seems that he took his own advice – he offered up his work and inconveniences and sufferings for others, especially for the salvation of souls. 

This principle applies to us all, irrespective of our role in life. We can offer up minor inconveniences, aches and pains, our work, in fact everything in our life for others. Seen in this light, every day presents a multitude of opportunities to help others, to merit grace and to grow in holiness.

One thought on “Thoughts for June 28 from Fr Willie Doyle

  1. Dear Servant of Our Great
    God of Heaven and Earth, God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel
    Please pray for my future, a seconds ahead, a minutes ahead, a hour ahead, a days ahead, a months ahead and a years ahead for God in the name of Jesus Christ to send his thousand armies of Heaven to destroy SINS lay ahead, Sickness of All kinds lay ahead, Physical human flesh and Blood attacks lay ahead, Satanic, Lucifer and his angels, demons powers, all his Allies, Associates, comrades , powers, principalities to all be destroyed completely in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ and I be covered with the blood of Jesus Christ

    Thank you,
    Steven Emmanuel
    Morobe Province
    Papua New Guinea

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