Urgent prayer request

Eloise-Azélie Holt in utero


Please pray NOW for little Eloise-Azélie Holt. Many of us have been praying for her over recent weeks – she is a gravely ill unborn baby. The latest update is that she is likely to be born very soon, and is quite premature. Her parents have asked for prayers through Fr Doyle’s intercession that she may survive long enough to be baptised.

O Jesus, who has given us the example of Your servant, Father William Doyle, graciously grant us the favours we ask You through his intercession…[Pray here that Eloise Azélie Holt may survive, or at least that she can be baptised]

Teach us to imitate his love for You, his heroic devotion to Your service, his zeal for repairing the outrages done to Your Sacred Heart. And, for Your greater glory and the salvation of souls, hear our prayer and grant that the credit we believe He enjoys in Heaven may be recognised solemnly by the Church, so that we may soon be able to venerate him in public worship.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Thoughts for March 20 from Fr Willie Doyle


Passion of Christ, comfort me! Comfort me, for the day is long and weary. Comfort me as I fight my way up the path of life safe to the Heaven of thy Sacred Heart. Comfort me in sorrow, in pain, in sickness. Comfort me when temptation rages around me and every hope seems lost. And when that last dreaded hour has sounded and my eyes are closing on this world of sin, O Passion of Christ! comfort me then, and lead me gently to thy wounded Sacred Feet above. Amen.