Urgent prayer request through Fr Doyle’s intercession

Eloise-Azélie Holt in utero

Recently we asked for prayers through Fr Doyle’s intercession for a miracle for Eloise Azélie Holt, an unborn baby who has some serious health difficulties. Jack and Emily Holt, her parents, have written a new update, seeking more urgent prayers.

I just wanted to update you and ask for an updated prayer request. We had another ultrasound and Eloise’s limbs are measuring even farther behind than before. They are not sure of the diagnosis now and it may be even rarer than osteogenesis imperfecta.
We have gotten an amniocentesis- which carries slight risk to Eloise. This will help us figure out what condition she has and how to best help her, but we need prayers over the next few days that all is well after this procedure. 
They also saw a small amount of fluid around her heart and abdomen (which sometimes clears completely and sometimes increases and is a sign that the baby won’t live much longer), so we need prayers that the fluid is gone at the next ultrasound in two weeks. 
Friends – let us pray for a miracle here through Fr Doyle’s intercession. With God all things are possible. Some miracles that God has granted through the intercession of the saints, and that have been used as part of their canonisation process, have been stupendous. Let is pray specifically through Fr Doyle’s intercession for a miraculous healing for Eloise-Azélie, and also for comfort and peace for her family.
You can pray any prayer to Fr Doyle, but the following prayer was approved for private use by the Archbishop of Dublin in the 1929 when there were initial moves towards Fr Doyle’s beatification:

O Jesus, who has given us the example of Your servant, Father William Doyle, graciously grant us the favours we ask You through his intercession…[Pray here for the miraculous healing of Eloise Azélie Holt]

Teach us to imitate his love for You, his heroic devotion to Your service, his zeal for repairing the outrages done to Your Sacred Heart. And, for Your greater glory and the salvation of souls, hear our prayer and grant that the credit we believe He enjoys in Heaven may be recognised solemnly by the Church, so that we may soon be able to venerate him in public worship.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Please encourage your family, friends, prayer group and parish to pray through Fr Doyle’s intercession for this miracle. Spread this story on social media and in your various networks. Let us storm Heaven, and pray for this miracle.

Emily Holt

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