The Thirteenth Station of the Cross by Fr Willie Doyle

The Thirteenth Station: Jesus is laid in the arms of His mother


Mary stands at the foot of the cross to receive in her arms the lifeless body of her Son. Once more His head is resting on her bosom as it used to do long years ago when a little child He nestled to His Mother#s breast. But now that sacred head is bruised and swollen, stamped with the cruel mark of the mocking diadem; His hair all clotted with the oozing blood, tangled and in disorder. Even she, upon whose heart is stamped every lineament of her Son’s dear face, can scarcely recognise His features now. On every line is marked the anguish of long drawn agony, of torture and agonizing pain, of woe, unutterable woe, of sorrow, suffering and abandonment.

2 thoughts on “The Thirteenth Station of the Cross by Fr Willie Doyle

  1. Hello I am very keen to raise awareness of Fr Doyle. At my church we have held Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament each week before the Saturday evening vigil mass throughout Lent. I have been asked to organise this on two occasions and I have chosen readings from your book To Raise the Fallen. I have explained who Fr Doyle is on each of these occasions.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I hope it was a fruitful experience for people to learn about Fr Doyle.

    I think you are in the UK? I am very happy to travel to speak about Fr Doyle, if the opportunity arises.

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