Fr Doyle, reparation for the sins of priests, and the Summit on the Protection of Minors

Later this week bishops will meet in Rome to discuss the crisis (it is not too strong a word) of abuse in the Church.

Much has been written in recent years about the causes of the crisis, the extent of the crisis, and possible solutions to the crisis. 

Fr Doyle never wrote about such things, as far as I am aware. But what he did comment on, quite extensively, was the need to make reparation for the sins of priests. Indeed, in some respects one can argue that he actually offered up his life, as a victim, in reparation for the sins of priests.

I suspect Fr Doyle was almost certainly unaware of the issue of clerical sexual abuse. These sins and crimes were surely committed in his day, but there was much less discussion of them. When Fr Doyle speaks of sins of priests, he seems, according to his notes, to be talking about careless or lazy priests. How much more prayer and reparation is needed, given how much more is known today. 

The Catholic World Report has published an article today about Fr Doyle and reparation for the sins of priests. You can find the link below. Please read and share it, so that others may learn more about Fr Doyle.

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