8 February 1917

This is my vocation: reparation and penance for the sins of priests; hence the constant urging of our Lord to generosity.

COMMENT: Reparation for the sins of priests was a constant theme of Fr Doyle’s private spiritual life and of his practice of mortification. This theme became ever more important as he neared the end of his life – even when in the midst of the war he sought to make reparation for the sins of priests. In many ways Fr Doyle is more relevant for us now than he was in the years immediately after his death. 

Thoughts for February 8 from Fr Willie Doyle


Don’t be one of those who give God everything but one little corner of their heart on which they put up a notice board with the inscription: “Trespassers not allowed”.

COMMENT: One of the greatest hallmarks of holiness is complete abandonment to God’s will. It does not come easily. That is why martyrs are remembered with special reverence – they have literally given everything to God, without reserve.

For most of us there is some area where we would prefer to be left alone. Some vice, some habit, some attachment that we cherish. We can readily give up certain less important things, but this one thing is not so readily handed over to God. God has given us everything – He has a right to expect that we give everything back to Him in return.