To Raise the Fallen chosen as 1 of the top 5 books to inspire for Christmas

The National Catholic Register has published a piece listing To Raise the Fallen as one of the top five inspiring books about “saints” this Christmas. Fr Doyle is with some superb company here, for the other 4 on the list are St Teresa of Calcutta, St John de Brebeuf, St Faustina and Dorothy Day. An august group indeed! This is important, as it shows that interest in Fr Doyle is growing and spreading. 

Out of this list, I have the book about Dorothy Day but have not read it yet, but I have read the book about St John de Brebeuf, one of the North American Jesuit martyrs (both books are, coincidentally, also published by Ignatius Press). It’s worth noting for anyone who is squeamish about Fr Doyle’s life of hardship – he lived a life of relative ease compared to these Jesuit martyrs of North America: the hardships they voluntarily endured are almost unimaginable. 

You can find the article here:

You can purchase To Raise the Fallen here

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