Recent interview on Archangel Radio

I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago about Fr Doyle and To Raise the Fallen for the Live Hour programme on Archangel Radio in Alabama. This is one of a large number of recent radio interviews about Fr Doyle – I hope to post more links to recordings in the coming period.

This interview, which lasts about 17 minutes, was especially interesting as it focused a lot on Fr Doyle’s cause – the interviewer was really enthusiastic about Fr Doyle and the prospects of him being beatified. Many thanks to Todd and Mike for their enthusiasm and courtesy!

The video should kick in at the start of the interview, but if it doesn’t, the interview starts at about 4 minutes and 30 seconds into this video. 

Thoughts for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception from Fr Willie Doyle


God delights to honour His saints by bestowing upon them special graces which mark them off from the rest of mankind. To one He gives a burning zeal for souls; to another the thirst for suffering and humiliation, but on Mary alone He bestowed the supreme privilege of freedom from the taint of sin.

From the first moment of her conception till she closed her eyes forever on this world, Mary was undefiled, unspotted by the least taint of sin. Never for an instant did the fierce and fiery burst of temptation ruffle the calm of her holy soul; for her the forbidden pleasures of this life, for which man will barter his priceless soul, had no false attraction. Sin might rage around her, hell might move its mighty depths, but nought could tarnish the spotless beauty of her who was to be the Mother of God.