Five (and maybe six) radio interviews tomorrow

Tomorrow (Monday) will be another busy day, with five radio interviews confirmed (plus possibly one extra interview bringing the total to six). Four of these interviews are with national radio stations in the US.a

I will be live on the Son Rise Morning Show on EWTN and Sacred Heart Radio at 6.20am ET.

At 7.45am ET I am on Morning Glory on EWTN radio. 

At 7.48am CT I am on Wake Up! on Catholic Community Radio in Louisiana.

At 4.09pm ET I am on Driving Home the Faith on Sacred Heart Radio.

In addition I am recording one further 20-25 minute interview for Relevant Radio, plus one extra interview that has yet to be confirmed.

It is fantastic that things are so busy and that there is so much interest right now in Fr Doyle. In addition to the above, there are several newspaper articles, book reviews and podcasted interviews that I have to post here for the record, but I don’t have enough time to do so this evening. 

The current interest in Fr Doyle is directly connected to the Armistice Day commemorations, the launch of To Raise the Fallen in the US, plus the screening of Bravery Under Fire on EWTN. This level of interest is, by definition, time bound – it will not last forever with this intensity. That is all the more reason to push hard and share these resources with as many people as possible so that Fr Doyle may become more well known and loved. 


One thought on “Five (and maybe six) radio interviews tomorrow

  1. This is such wonderful news! The Holy Spirit is certainly at work to bring Fr. Doyle’s heroic life to the forefront in this time of crisis for the Priesthood — God’s prefect timing. Offering prayers that all these interviews will bear abundant fruit.

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