FIVE radio interviews tomorrow, Thursday November 8

Interest in Fr Doyle is growing! Tomorrow I have the privilege of taking part in 5 separate radio interviews about Fr Doyle and To Raise the Fallen.

At 7.45 ET I will appear on Morning Glory on EWTN Radio with Thom Price and Gloria Purvis.

At 7.20 CT I will appear on Spirit Mornings on Spirit Catholic Radio with Bruce McGregor and Jennifer Brown. This airs in Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin. 

At 7.45 CT I will appear on the John Leonetti Show on Iowa Catholic Radio.

Later in the day I will record programmes on Holy Spirit Radio (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) and on Mater Dei Radio in Oregon – these programmes will be broadcast at a later date. 

Please pray that I may speak well of Fr Doyle, and that many people will be helped by learning about his generosity and courage. 

7 November 1916

I wonder is there a happier man in France than I am. Just now Jesus is giving me great joy in tribulation, though conditions of living are about as uncomfortable as even St. Teresa could wish – perpetual rain, oceans of mud, damp, cold and a plague of rats… Sometimes I kneel down with outstretched arms and pray God, if it is a part of His divine plan, to rain down fresh privations and sufferings. But I stopped when the mud wall of my little hut fell in upon me: that was too much of a good joke!

Thoughts for November 7 (Feast of all the Dominican saints) from Fr Willie Doyle

My God, I promise You, kneeling before the image of Your Sacred Heart, that I will do my best to lead a martyr’s life by constantly denying my will and doing all that I think will please You, if You in return will grant me the grace of martyrdom.

A life of martyrdom is to be the price of a martyr’s crown.

COMMENT: In this way Fr Doyle brought an end to his notes on the Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises during these days in 1907.

We should we seek martyrdom carelessly or indiscriminately, although we should be open to this if it be God’s will. But we should attempt to live with a spirit of martyrdom – a spirit of detachment – in everyday life. We can most readily do this in our everyday tasks by being faithful to them, especially when we don’t want to be.

Today is also the feast of all of the Saints of the Dominican Order, many of whom were martyrs. What an amazing list of saints there are attached to this blessed Order! They include 3 Doctors of the Church, one of whom is one of the greatest theologians in the history of the Church (St Thomas Aquinas), one of whom is the patron of science and scientists (St Albert the Great) and one of whom is one of the very greatest women in history and a co-patron saint of Europe (St Catherine of Siena). Included in the extensive list of Dominican saints are many martyrs, including two Irish martyrs who have been beatified (Terence O’Brien and Peter O’Higgins) as well as over 90 other Irish Dominican martyrs who will hopefully be canonised one day.