24 October 1916: Fr Doyle’s night of prayer at the Front

Fr Doyle wrote the following in his diary on October 25 1916. It refers to the previous night, in other words, this evening and night 102 years ago. It is worth remembering that at this time Fr Doyle was at the Front. His prayer was conducted in a dug out, not in the relative comfort of a Jesuit house far from violence and death. He obviously found it hard, hence his use of the old strategy of making a vow not to give in to tiredness. We know that he spent a night of prayer at the Front for the Poor Clares in Cork which he was instrumental in founding – they were experiencing some difficulties at the time. I am not sure if this was that same occasion or not. 

Jesus has long urged me to give Him a whole night of prayer and reparation. Last night I prayed in my dug-out at Kemmel from 9 till 5 (eight hours), most of the time on my knees. I bound myself beforehand to do so by vow in order not to let myself off. Though I had only two hours’ sleep, I am not very tired or weary today. Jesus wants more of these nights of prayer, adoration and atonement.

4 thoughts on “24 October 1916: Fr Doyle’s night of prayer at the Front

  1. Wonderful show, Patrick!
    I’m so happy to learn that your book is now available from EWTN, and that it may also be pre-ordered on Amazon. Will be getting some for Christmas gifts for priests.
    I have read somewhere that God raises up saints in the Church who have particular virtues, in times of crisis, in order to combat a particular vice. This crisis of the priesthood requires the remedy of the life and example of Fr. Doyle, a heroic, holy priest! God bless!

    • Yes, guilty. I was all set to ask a question about saints influenced by Fr. Doyle — but, you answered it in response to something else right before Fr. Pacwa put me on the line. Of course, my mind went blank at that point, when I tried to think of something else to ask.
      Fortunately, you are so knowledgeable about the life of Fr. Doyle that you can roll with any question. It was a wonderful show, and I hope “To Raise the Fallen” is a great success in making Fr. Doyle’s holy life more known. God bless you in your mission!

      • Thanks Patricia.I am a few days later in replying. It was good to hear from someone who reads the site so faithfully and to be able to put a voice to the name!

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