Appearances on EWTN next week

Next week I have the privilege of being the guest on EWTN Live (Wednesday), Life on the Rock (Thursday) and Bookmark (recorded for later transmission). I will discuss the forthcoming publication of the Ignatius Press edition of To Raise the Fallen in North America, and the life and example of Fr Doyle more generally. It is a very exciting opportunity to reach a wider audience and make Fr Doyle more well known in the United States, and indeed globally. And, personally, it is very exciting to visit the EWTN headquarters and studios in Alabama!

I never imagined some of the recent exciting developments relating to Fr Doyle when this site was established some years ago. It is a sure sign that devotion to Fr Doyle is growing and developing, not just in Ireland, but globally.

Please pray for a safe and successful trip. Please also pray that three further important initiatives relating to Fr Doyle will come to fruition soon.

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