More exciting news about Fr Doyle – THREE more Fr Doyle programmes on EWTN!!

I am pleased to share some more important news relating to Fr Doyle. 

In two week’s time I have the great privilege of travelling to the EWTN studios in Alabama to appear on three different programmes to discuss Fr Doyle and the imminent release of To Raise the Fallen, published by Ignatius Press in the United States later this month.

On Wednesday October 24th I will be the guest on EWTN Live with Fr Mitch Pacwa SJ.

On Thursday 25th I will be the guest on Life on the Rock.

Also on Thursday 25th I will record an interview for Bookmark, EWTN’s book review programme. 

EWTN Live and Life on the Rock will be broadcast on the 24th and 25th respectively in the United States, and the following day in Europe. Bookmark will be broadcast at a later date, which will be announced when I have more details. 

I am very excited about these opportunities to speak about Fr Doyle and to introduce him to a wider audience. Please share this information and help create more publicity for Fr Doyle!

I shall be in San Francisco for all of the following week, and on Saturday November 3 I hope to attend the 40th Anniversary conference of Ignatius Press, to be held in that city. If anybody who reads this blog happens to live in Alabama or San Francisco, or is attending that conference, please let me know – it would be great to meet! I am also available to speak about Fr Doyle at any events or parishes in San Francisco between October 27 and November 3. It’s rather a long shot, but I’ll throw it out there, just in case…


4 thoughts on “More exciting news about Fr Doyle – THREE more Fr Doyle programmes on EWTN!!

  1. Wonderful news for us on this side of the Atlantic. I’m thrilled that the word will be greatly disseminated through EWTN about Fr. Doyle. I’ve seen the catalogue from Ignatius Press and am pleased that they will also sell your book.
    I was ‘home’ to Ireland in August and found a 1920 copy of Professor O’Rahilly’s book in a used bookstore in Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare. I will get the binding strengthened. I’m blessed to have it.

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