Coming soon: To Raise the Fallen to be published in the US by Ignatius Press!

I am extremely happy to announce that To Raise the Fallen will be published later this autumn (or fall, for our American readers) by Ignatius Press. This will allow many more people to learn about Fr Doyle, and hopefully increase devotion to him. Fr Doyle was once known around the world, particularly in the United States. For example, by 1931, just 14 years after his death, the Jesuits in Ireland had received 1,872 reports of favours from the United States alone that were allegedly granted through Fr Doyle’s intercession. There are letters from every single State attesting to people’s belief in the power of his intercession.

I expect the book to be available in late October or early November – more details when they are available. It will also hopefully lead to several media and promotional opportunities in the United States. More on that in the coming weeks. 

I am also grateful to the design team in Ignatius Press for the wonderful new cover for the North American edition. 

Thoughts for the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows from Fr Willie Doyle


To sensitive souls the pain they cause others is far worse than any sufferings they may endure themselves. They may have much to endure, but to see others in pain causes them deeper grief. Jesus and Mary meet. Alone He could have suffered with joy so that she, His dearest Mother, might have been spared the agony of seeing all He must endure. With one look of pity Jesus reads the anguish of that cruelly lacerated heart; with one long gaze of infinite love and pity Mary sees the depth of her Son’s woe, His long hours of torture, His utter weariness, His sorrow, His grief, His anguish. May she not help Him? At least lift for one moment that cross?

COMMENT: Mary longed to help Jesus with His cross. So too she wants to help us, and will obtain for us the graces we need to assist us with our difficulties.