Bravery Under Fire show times next week on EWTN


Bravery Under Fire airs next week on EWTN. It is a substantial docudrama about the life of Fr Doyle, from his childhood through to his heroic death in World War 1. It features a series of re-enactments from his life, as well as a number of interviews. It seeks to provide not just an outline of his life and activities, but also to explore how his spiritual life was the driving motivation for his heroism in the war.

It will air in Ireland and the UK on Sunday 12th at 4pm and Thursday 16th at 9am. 

In the US it will air at the following times:
Sunday 12th 10pm ET
Thursday 16th 3.30pm ET
Saturday 18th 9am ET
Sunday 19th 1.30pm ET
It will also air in other countries at different times next week – please see you local EWTN webpage for details. It should also be possible to stream it from the relevant local EWTN website at the above times. 
Please share this information with others, so that they can come to know about Fr Doyle’s life and spirituality.

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