Thoughts for the Feast of Corpus Christi from Fr Willie Doyle


Real devotion to the Blessed Sacrament is only to be gained by hard, grinding work of dry adoration before the Hidden God. But such a treasure cannot be purchased at too great a cost, for once obtained, it makes of this life as near an approach to heaven as we can ever hope for.

COMMENT: Today is traditionally the feast of Corpus Christi, although in some countries the the liturgical celebration is translated to the following Sunday.

In today’s quote, Fr Doyle shows us that the encounter with Christ in prayer and adoration is not primarily emotional. We may experience consolations, but it is often more likely that this will not happen. 

It was this hard, grinding work at prayer (and indeed in all aspects of his life) that prepared Fr Doyle and procured for him the grace to willingly suffer the deprivation of the trenches and to make the ultimate sacrifice of giving his life while serving others. 

The following quote from Mother Mectilde du Saint-Sacrement (1614-1698), foundress of the Benedictines of the Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament, is relevant for today’s topic.

The interior life is not what one thinks or imagines. It consists not in having beautiful thoughts, nor in saying beautiful words, nor in remaining in a passive kind of prayer without applying one’s mind, as if one were in lofty heights. All of this is, more often than not, no more than fantasy. 

The interior life is found in the solid practice of mortification, in the love of littleness and in total detachment from oneself and from creatures. 

Mother Mechtilde

One thought on “Thoughts for the Feast of Corpus Christi from Fr Willie Doyle

  1. The interior life is different for every person because God has a unique relationship with each of His Sons and Daughters.
    The interior life is to help the person to grow in God to be all He created them to be. It will not be the same as anyone elses. It is not all dryness and hard work. Revelations are not just fantasy or imagination. The experiences of these people was what was necessary to make them grow in faith, and not others. In the sufferings and joys of life God reveals to us His presence with us in a way each understands. This reality of God with us, Eucharist, leads us deeper into His Word within our very being. Imprinted into the fabric of our life lived in Him. It is often not what we expect. There is a knowing deep inside that transforms us through God’s Love and Light to become…

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