Friday May 25: Prayers for Ireland

Ireland votes today on a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution. 

A Yes vote would remove all Constitutional protection for the baby in the womb. The Government has published the draft abortion law it would seek to introduce in its place. It would allow for abortion for any reason whatsoever up to 12 weeks; abortion up to approximately 6 months on unspecified mental health grounds, and beyond that point on other grounds. 

Ireland’s abortion law would end up being less restrictive than Britain’s.

Please pray for Ireland today.

One thought on “Friday May 25: Prayers for Ireland

  1. I am sad and amazed that there was no rallying cry and plea from the Holy Father. He might not have changed the vote, but given his extraordinary popularity amongst many Catholics and in the media, he might have pushed the vote even a little.Are unborn children not the “marginalised” and on the “edge of society” as much as refugees and migrants ? A deafening silence from the Vatican. Strange too that Opus Dei (Ireland) website had no rallying call or inspiring message. Let’s go back to Saint Josemaria’s THREE BELLS letters warning people of the dangers within the modern church.

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