Prayers for Ireland

Ireland is currently facing what is described as an “unprecedented” weather event. Hurricane Ophelia is heading straight for Ireland. We often get the “tail end” of hurricanes that make their way across there Atlantic from the east coast of the US, but this one is different. It is apparently the worst hurricane ever recorded in this part of the Atlantic, and is set to be the worst Irish storm in 56 years and possible in recorded history. As I write, all schools, colleges and creches are ordered shut tomorrow. Most places of employment are closed and many forms of transport are shut down. There is an eerie stillness outside – not something we are used to.

It is due to make landfall at around 6am Irish time and take almost 24 hours to clear away to the north. 

Ireland is not used to major weather events like this. Prayers please for Ireland, and for the safety of people during the next 24 hours.

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