To Raise the Fallen now Number 1 bestseller in Hodges Figgis Dublin

For those who are not from Dublin, it is worth noting that Hodges Figgis is probably the biggest bookstore in Ireland with a dazzling array of books spread out over 4 large floors. It is a mainstream bookstore – as one can see, there are no other religious or spiritual books on the best seller list. In fact, Fr Doyle is 10 and 11 places higher than very secular authors like Noam Chomsky and Margaret Atwood…

Fr Doyle’s generosity and heroism have an attraction for people from all walks of life. This is what the “new evangelisation” is about – reminding people of what the Gospel truly means through the life and example of one who adhered to it. 

You can buy a copy of To Raise the Fallen in your local bookstore, or internationally here:

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