Books about Fr Doyle. Part 2: Fr Willie Doyle & WW1 – A Chaplain’s Story

The publication of K.V. Turkey’s article in the Catholic Herald (see is a great opportunity to write about this excellent Catholic Truth Society booklet by the same author. This booklet has the distinct honour (as far as I am aware) of being the first entirely new book in English about Fr Doyle in nearly 75 years (I did hear a rumour of another book written by a priest in Ratcliffe College England – where Willie went to school – some years ago but I haven’t been able to confirm this or track it down, so information is welcome).

This CTS booklet is an excellent short, but comprehensive, summary of all of Fr Doyle’s life and spirit. One of the great benefits of CTS booklets is that they are very cheap to buy and thus it is economical to buy a batch and distribute them to others who may be interested. For this reason it is a very important publication that has surely put Fr Doyle on the radar of many other people who would otherwise never have heard of him.

Copies can be found here:

Buy a batch and distribute to others!

By the way, K.V. Turley frequently writes articles for blogs and websites, often on saints or other interesting figures that are likely to be of interest to readers of this blog. His articles are always well worth reading.

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