Fr Doyle in the Irish Times

Last week The Irish Times published a special supplement on the First World War, and it contained 2 articles about Fr Doyle. One was by Carole Hope on aspects of Fr Doyle’s war service. Carole is the author of the excellent Worshipper and Worshipped, which is the definitive account of Fr Doyle’s military life. It also contained a short article by me, making the argument for Fr Doyle’s canonisation – a very hard task with a limit of only 500 words!

In any event, the articles are now online. Here are some links to the articles: 

Ever-present comfort for the dying

Above and beyond the call of duty

As we approach the 100th anniversary of Fr Doyle’s death, it is an appropriate occasion to remind people of Carole’s book, which gives a very detailed picture of Fr Doyle’s war life and is hugely informative about this key time in Fr Doyle’s life. 

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