Thoughts about Fr John Sullivan. Day 4: Sayings and prayers Part 2

Venerable Fr John Sullivan SJ, who will be beatified on Saturday

Today we conclude our reflections on the life and spirit of Fr John Sullivan ahead of his beatification tomorrow. We continue with some excerpts from his prayers and sayings.

You’ll never have to fight alone in this world, although we leave our Divine Lord to fight alone constantly.

The Holy Ghost will write in invisible ink on our hearts. If we are only faithful to His inspirations we shall do great things. It is on account of our unfaithfulness to His inspirations that we remain so imperfect. 

We should be homesick for Heaven since it is our home. 

Here we see the perfect model of home-life. If the home is holy and pure, the nation will be likewise. How great a work is then  to be done in Ireland to preserve the home and thus the nation.

The Holy Ghost is dwelling within us, and this thought of the presence of God within us was the greatest help to the saints in acquiring sanctity. Have recourse to the Holy Spirit in all trials, and teach devotion to Him. Never undertake any work without asking in prayer for His light.

God always leaves the door unlatched.

The cause of most sins is that men forget that they are creatures.

Perseverance in prater is necessary if we want our petitions answered.

If we only turn towards the tabernacle, God is pleased. He does not need words. Just as an earthly father is satisfied with seeing his child, so is God with us.

In temptation turn your back on it and throw yourself into prayer.

Tepidity and sloth are the enemies of purity.

To say Deo Gratias to all things is to be a saint.

We shall acquire personal love of Our Lord by going against our own self-love, rooting it out of our hearts. The two cannot exist together. God is jealous of our love. Anything that denies self is an act of love.

Tale life in instalments, this one day now. At least let this be a good day. Be always beginning. Let the past go. Now let me do whatever I have power to do. The saints were always beginning. That is how they became saints.  

Prayer through Fr Sullivan’s intercession:

God, you honour those who honour you. 
Make sacred the memory of your servant John Sullivan, by granting through his intercession the petition we now make (name the petition) and hastening the day when his name will be numbered among those of your saints. 
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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