Venerable John Sullivan to be beatified on 13 May in Dublin

Venerable Fr John Sullivan SJ

It has just been announced that Fr John Sullivan SJ, the Irish Jesuit who was ordained alongside Fr Doyle on 28 July 1907, will be beatified at 11am on 13 May in Gardiner Street Church in Dublin. This will be the first beatification ever to take place in Ireland.

This is excellent news. The Church in Ireland needs more saints, especially more contemporary examples of holiness. 

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The Eleventh Station of the Cross by Fr Willie Doyle

The Eleventh Station: Jesus is nailed to the Cross

Image courtesy of St Raphael's Parish, Surrey.

Upon His last resting place Jesus lays Himself down. No soft bed, no easy couch to ease the agony of His aching limbs, but a hard, rough beam must be His place of death. Meekly He extends His arms, those arms ever open to welcome back the repentant sinner, and offers His hands to be pierced as the Prophet had foretold. A long, blunt nail is placed upon the palm: a heavy, dull thud, the crunch of parting flesh and rending muscle, the spouting crimson blood which covers the face and hands of the hardened soldier and Jesus is fastened to the cross. Come, sinner, gaze upon your work for you have nailed Him there! Your sins it was which flung your Saviour down, your sins which drove the iron deep into His sacred flesh.