Thoughts for August 23 (St Rose of Lima) from Fr Willie Doyle

Look upon the grace God gives you as a talent you must work with and increase. The Master in the Gospel gave his profitable servants twice as many talents. In like manner will God double your grace if you make good use of it. He will give you “grace for grace”. (John 1. 16)

COMMENT: Fr Doyle was most certainly a profitable servant, who carefully “invested” the grace God gave him. He set out to be faithful in little things, always striving to perform each task with love and perfection. In the end he was faithful in much, even when it came to offering his own life to save a wounded soldier. This heroism in the trenches finds its foundation in daily faithfulness. In the ordinary ways of life, barring a miracle of grace, it is hard to imagine someone who was slovenly and careless in his daily life of work and relationships and ordinary duty suddenly becoming a hero in the trenches. Really great achievements are built on daily fidelity to duty and preparation.

Today is also the feast of St Rose of Lima, the first canonised saint of the Americas who died at the age of 31. Like Fr Doyle, she was noted for her life of great penance which she offered for sinners and for the souls in Purgatory. 

St Rose of Lima
St Rose of Lima

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  1. St Rose of Lima is a secondary patroness of the Philippines. The Philippines is in particular need of prayers at the moment with an upsurge of killings of persons ‘suspected’ of being involved with or using illegal drugs. All of these have been poor people. Maybe many had been using drugs but were not given their day in court.

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