Pilgrimage next year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fr Doyle’s death?

One year from today will mark the centenary of Fr Doyle’s death as a “martyr of charity”. It is a significant anniversary.

A number of people have suggested to me that a “pilgrimage” should be held to walk in Fr Doyle’s footsteps and to celebrate his life.

What I would have in mind is something along the following lines:

This is only an indicative suggestion. At the moment I am merely canvassing interest in such a trip. I have no idea how much it would cost or what the arrangements would be. But I have received enough enquiries to suggest that such a trip would appeal to a number of people. If it is of interest please send me an email or perhaps leave a comment below…

5 thoughts on “Pilgrimage next year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fr Doyle’s death?

  1. I would be interested in this, would you be organizing it from the UK?


    Angela Hall

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    • Angela:


      I expect that the way it would work is that people would meet somewhere convenient in Belgium and proceed from there. I would anticipate people travelling from Ireland and the UK and perhaps from the US (??) and maybe elsewhere, so having one departure point might not be feasible.

      But I don’t really know yet. It is a speculative suggestion and details will emerge when we see how many would be interested…

  2. Hi again
    If a group of people are gathering in the UK it would be good to travel together. I’m not a very confident solo traveller abroad.


  3. Sounds interesting…I am interested in each one of the travel spots….I think it would be very costly! I do not
    know…but I will appreciate being kept informed. Thank you, in Him, June Thompson,ocds (Order Carmelites Diiscalced Secular.

  4. It’s a great idea! I shall take part from wherever the starting point is settled on.

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