Pilgrimage next year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fr Doyle’s death?

One year from today will mark the centenary of Fr Doyle’s death as a “martyr of charity”. It is a significant anniversary.

A number of people have suggested to me that a “pilgrimage” should be held to walk in Fr Doyle’s footsteps and to celebrate his life.

What I would have in mind is something along the following lines:

This is only an indicative suggestion. At the moment I am merely canvassing interest in such a trip. I have no idea how much it would cost or what the arrangements would be. But I have received enough enquiries to suggest that such a trip would appeal to a number of people. If it is of interest please send me an email or perhaps leave a comment below…


5 thoughts on “Pilgrimage next year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fr Doyle’s death?

  1. I would be interested in this, would you be organizing it from the UK?


    Angela Hall

    Advanced Professional Indexer

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    • Angela:


      I expect that the way it would work is that people would meet somewhere convenient in Belgium and proceed from there. I would anticipate people travelling from Ireland and the UK and perhaps from the US (??) and maybe elsewhere, so having one departure point might not be feasible.

      But I don’t really know yet. It is a speculative suggestion and details will emerge when we see how many would be interested…

  2. Sounds interesting…I am interested in each one of the travel spots….I think it would be very costly! I do not
    know…but I will appreciate being kept informed. Thank you, in Him, June Thompson,ocds (Order Carmelites Diiscalced Secular.

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