What will YOU do for Fr Doyle over the next two days?

Fr Doyle’s anniversary is in two days time – August 16. It is an excellent time to tell people about his life and his message. I always find that people are amazed at is life and his heroism when they first encounter him – this, at least, has been my experience and the experience of many people that I know. 

Perhaps it would be good to take the opportunity of his anniversary to tell people about Fr Doyle? Perhaps his example has enriched your life in some way? There’s no better way to thank him than by telling others about him. 

You could refer people to this site – talk to them, email them, or put a note about it on Facebook or twitter or some other social network. 

Have you told your local priest about Fr Doyle? Or if you are in a prayer group, have you told them?

Have you read any of the books about Fr Doyle? The classic and original O’Rahilly biography, or Carole Hope’s Worshiper and Worshipped, or the Catholic Truth Society booklet? Links to all of these are available in the right hand column (if you read this on a smart phone the column may not be there, but will be if you read it on a computer).  

Perhaps you might want to send somebody this newsletter on Fr Doyle from St Joseph’s Abbey in Flavigny in France? Flavigny newsletter May 2013

Or maybe you might want to send somebody this short video

Or this one


Or this radio interview: http://www.ewtn.com/live/ewtnplayer/html5audio.asp?~CJ20160709.mp3

If you admire Fr Doyle and his heroism, then try to share that admiration with others on this weekend of his 99th anniversary!


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