Venerable Fr John Sullivan to be beatified

Fr John Sullivan SJ 2
Venerable Fr John Sullivan SJ

Pope Francis has approved a miracle through the intercession of Fr John Sullivan, clearing the way for his imminent beatification. Fr Sullivan was a convert to Catholicism who was known for his humility, simplicity and charism of healing. He was a friend of Fr Doyle, admired his spirit, and they were ordained together.

This is great news for the Church in Ireland.


Fr Doyle ordination
Ordination of John Sullivan and Willie Doyle 28 July 1907, Miltown Park, Dublin. Fr Doyle is marked with an X.



One thought on “Venerable Fr John Sullivan to be beatified

  1. This is indeed good news. May Father John’s beatification help bring a renewal of faith in Ireland. I notice on the list of the various causes moving forward that, as usual, the majority are founders of religious congregations. I find this somewhat depressing. I’m not questioning the sanctity of those involved but it seems to suggest that if you want to be canonized some day your best bet is to found a religious congregation!

    And may the cause of Fr John’s classmate, Father Willie, move forward along with that of two others who were no strangers to Gardiner Street, Matt Talbot and Frank Duff.

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