17 February 1916

Fr Doyle left his training camp and headed to the continent 100 years ago today. Here are his sentiments on this occasion, as captured in a letter written to his father just half an hour before departure.

I set out to face to future with a certain amount of trepidation…Strange to say, I have not the smallest anxiety about the possible dangers of warfare, not so great for me, as for others, but I do dread the horrors of the battlefield which all say no words can picture. Still it is a consolation to know what a comfort the mere presence of a priest is to both officers and men alike. They are one and all going to face their duty with the joy of heart which comes with a clear conscience; many of them had not been to confession for over twenty years.

One thought on “17 February 1916

  1. I thank you most sincerely for keeping Fr. Doyle’s words part of my daily life. Especially since your own life is preoccupied with the recent death of your mother. I think I would gladly trade places with the soldiers of Fr. Doyle’s time compared to the undermining enemies of our culture we battle with today. At least they could see the enemy and know that life and death was at steak.

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