Thank you and a return to “normal service”

Many thanks to those who left comments and emails and who prayed for my mother who died last weekend. It is very much appreciated.

I will attempt to return to normal service this week. Apologies if I miss a couple of days here and there as I try to adjust and deal with the vast amount of practical affairs that have to be attended to. However I am hoping to be back to the regular schedule of daily posts as soon as possible, starting tomorrow, the 1st of February.

One thought on “Thank you and a return to “normal service”

  1. I will pray for you during your time of loss! I will also remember your mother at the Altar of God!

    I derive great benefit from your site! I first encountered Fr. Doyle while in seminary. During my 25 years of priestly life, he has served as a source of inspiration and intercession!

    I am wondering? What prompted your interest in Fr. Doyle? Are you a priest?

    May God Bless you and Mary keep you in her care!

    Fr. Scott Sterowski
    Pastor, St. Paul of the Cross Parish
    Scranton, PA

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