12 July 1922: An alleged favour through Fr Doyle’s intercession

A nun in South Africa wrote the following letter on this day (July 12) in 1922, alleging a favour through Fr Doyle’s intercession:

One of our Community had for some time been seriously ill in a sanatorium. One evening I got a telephone message to say Sister was on the point of death and that the doctor declared there was no hope unless a change took place at once. I called the Community together and we knelt down and asked Fr Doyle to send a change for the better by seven o’clock. It was then 6.30pm. Next day I went to the sanatorium. The infirmarian came out to meet me and her first words were: ‘Sister is out of danger, the change came in time’. I asked at what hour. ‘Seven o’clock last night’, was the reply. I had promised Fr Willie to have Masses said if he got our request granted, and that day i arranged for a number to be said in thanksgiving.

Of course, we do not have the competence to say for certain that this cure was brought about through Fr Doyle’s intercession, much less that it was a miracle. However, it is worth noting that this was a community of nuns praying to him in 1922, less than 5 years after his death, and we know that within 14 years of this death, there were at least 6,426 alleged favours from around the globe reportedly through Fr Doyle’s intercession. Were they all mere coincidences? Were there purely natural explanations for these favours? That is a judgement for others to make. 

But what we can say with certainty is that there was a real and substantial global devotion to Fr Doyle. When people meet him and hear his story, he has a tremendous appeal. As we approach the centenary of the Great War, there will be many more opportunities to make Fr Doyle more well known. We should take every opportunity to spread awareness of him and his message.

5 thoughts on “12 July 1922: An alleged favour through Fr Doyle’s intercession

  1. Dear Magdalene: Sadly such relics are not widely available at the present time. Quite a number of relics were distributed after Fr Doyle’s death, both by the Jesuits and by his family, who often cut up pieces of cloth for visitors to their house. I have also seen holy cards with relics issued by Archbishop Mannix of Melbourne. However, at the present time Fr Doyle’s cause is unfortunately silent, and there are no relics available. The best hope is to find a relic that somebody has and no longer wants or else to hope and pray that Fr Doyle’s cause is reactivated.

  2. I am praying to Father Doyle for a very special intention; it will be little short of a miracle if the prayer is answered. If it is I shall let you know.
    I love this wonderful holy priest, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your daily “thoughts” from his saintly life.

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