Thoughts for December 20 from Fr Willie Doyle

Ordination 2

There is no rule for vocations, no age-limit for the Call. Innocence attracts the gaze of God, deep-rooted habits of sin, provided they are not persevered in, do not always repel Him. One comes because the world disgusts him, another loves it and leaves it with regret; docility draws down more graces, while resistance often increases the force of the invitation. The little child hears God’s whisperings, while others have not been summoned till years were far advanced.

COMMENT: We are all called to some form of vocation, whether that be the religious life, marriage or even to be perpetually single and without vows. To a great extent, our sanctity depends on our perseverance in that vocation.

In today’s quote, Fr Doyle is specifically referring to a religious vocation. He was a well known and effective promoter of religious vocations; some of his writings on the vocation to the priesthood and the religious life can be found by clicking on the link to Fr Doyle’s writings on the top of the page.

Jesus has given all to us – our life, our health, our family and friends, our immortal soul. He gives us everything. We owe everything to Him. Those who fully embrace their vocation always report that it is a source of great joy and happiness for them.

If we have already found our vocation, we should pray for those still trying to discern. If we are still uncommitted in life, we should remain open to the Lord’s call, whatever that may be…