Less than a month until Fr Doyle’s anniversary…

We are now less than a month from Fr Doyle’s anniversary, and increasingly our daily posts will start to focus on Fr Doyle’s last weeks, and his heroism under fire.

Those who want to learn more about Fr Doyle’s military service, and read his first hand account of all that he saw and experienced, should buy the definitive guide to Fr Doyle’s war years – Worshipper and Worshipped, by Carole Hope. In addition to learning more about the final two years of Fr Doyle’s life, the book provides valuable context and background on the war in general.

I have previously reviewed the book here: http://fatherdoyle.com/2014/02/13/book-review-of-worshipper-and-worshipped/ 

Worshipper and Worshipped

The link for purchasing the book is permanently on the right had column of the page (if you read this on a smartphone you may have to read this page on a normal computer in order to find it). I have changed the link from Amazon, who seemed to have stock problems, to a different distributor who do not seem to have stock shortages. The link for purchasing the book is here

I also draw people’s attention to O’Rahilly’s classic biography, which is the definitive guide to Fr Doyle’s spiritual life, which may be purchased herehttp://www.lulu.com/shop/professor-alfred-orahilly/father-william-doyle-sj/paperback/product-15463211.html  

O'Rahilly book


The Catholic Truth Society have also published an excellent booklet which is a brief overview of Fr Doyle’s life in general, available here: http://www.ctsbooks.org/fr-willie-doyle-and-world-war-i

CTS booklet

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  1. The Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer also publish a ‘book’ called ‘Trench Priest’ http://www.papastronsay.com/bookshop/product.php?ID=21
    “The edifying and inspirational tale of Irishman William Doyle. This work follows him through his childhood, his vocation to the Society of Jesus and finally his posting to the trenches as a military chaplain in World War One.”

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