Link available to buy new biography of Fr Doyle

On the right hand side of the page you will find a permanent link to buy the excellent new biography of Fr Doyle by Carole Hope entitled “Worshipper and Worshipped”.

The book is an excellent new addition to our understanding of Fr Doyle’s life, in particular his time as military chaplain – it contains many previously unpublished details of Fr Doyle’s time as chaplain in the Great War.

I hope to post a detailed review within a couple of days. For now, suffice it to say that those who already know and like Fr Doyle will discover, and like, new aspects of Fr Doyle’s life and character as a result of this excellent and enjoyable book.

EDIT: I notice that since posting this yesterday, Amazon has sold out of whatever stock it had of Worshipper and Worshipped. I presume they will be getting more stock, so you could leave an order with them and they will, I’m sure, be able to fulfil the order in due course. Alternatively, you could send me an email at the address on the right hand side of the page (under the picture of Fr Doyle) and I will put you in touch with the author who may be able to send you a copy directly or else may be able to point you to somewhere that has stock available immediately.

Worshipper and Worshipped

2 thoughts on “Link available to buy new biography of Fr Doyle

  1. Do you know anything about a new CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY booklet about Fr Doyle by K.V.Turley ?? Any comments ?

    • Hi Alan:
      Yes, I received a copy a few days ago. It looks excellent. I will post up some links and do a review in due course, but I wanted to deal with Carole’s book first as, for a variety of reasons, I am very behind schedule in dealing with it.

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