Thoughts for November 8 from Fr Willie Doyle


“Jesus has suffered so much for me to atone for my sins”

The Fruit of the Third Week

The thought that Jesus has suffered so much for me to atone for my sins and past careless life in religion, has filled me with a great desire to love Him in return with all my heart, I feel, too, a growing hunger and thirst for suffering and mortification, because it makes me more like to my suffering Jesus, suffering all with joy for me.

Every day has deepened my shame, sorrow and hatred for my negligent tepid life since I entered the Society, and strengthened my resolve and desire to make amends by a life of great fervour. I feel my past sinful life will be a spur for me to aim at great holiness.

COMMENT: In these notes, Fr Doyle reflects on a desire for mortification and for personal reform as fruits of the Third Week of his Spiritual Exercises in 1907. The desire for mortification tends to strike those who are already advanced in the spiritual life, so we should not be unduly worried if we do not desire penance. But whether we desire it or not, we still need it, especially as we set out on the path of personal reform. However, we need not copy the penances of Fr Doyle, but instead we should follow his advice, which is to pursue penances in the ordinary circumstances of our life, fulfilling our duties as best we can.

As for the second fruit – “the desire to make amends by a life of great fervour” – we should always cultivate this in our lives. A basic review of all of the gifts we have received, and of the many ways in which we have failed to correspond to God’s grace,  will give us ample motives for reform.

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  1. we need not copy the penance of F Doyle: what a relief this is in the comment.
    I am grateful he writes so often about small things.
    One of them is important to me: tell the truth, it keeps you closer to Jesus being the Truth.

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