New newsletter about Fr Doyle

This is a busy week! Two radio interviews and two talks about Fr Doyle (one of them tomorrow, open to the public – see details here: (

Now the Benedictine monks of St Joseph’s Abbey in Flavigny have produced a newsletter about Fr Doyle. It is an excellent summary of his life and spirit. You may download a copy here: Flavigny newsletter May 2013

This newsletter is translated into several languages and sent to many thousands of people around the world. The publication of the newsletter is a further sign of the appeal of Fr Doyle for many people today.

Incidentally, the special apostolate of this monastery is preaching the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius over 5 days. There are retreats in English in Ireland, Wales and Australia this year. The full calendar is here:

More details on the Irish retreat can be found here: Spiritual Exercises Ireland 2013 The retreat is silent and only open to men, although there is also a companion retreat for women – more details here: Recollection for ladies Donegal 2013

As a Jesuit, the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius had a profound effect on Fr Doyle’s life. Those with an interest in Fr Doyle would also benefit from them. The Jesuits in Ireland also run retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises. Details here: