Looking for a great Christmas present? 30% off biography of Fr Doyle

Alfred O’Rahilly’s classic biography of Fr Doyle is a masterpiece of Catholic spirituality. It is also a gripping account of Fr Doyle’s adventures – and heroic suffering – during the war.

If you have an interest in Fr Doyle, or an interest in Catholic, and specifically Jesuit, spirituality, it is essential reading.

I have reviewed the book in the past, and you may read what I have had to say here: http://fatherdoyle.com/2011/03/08/spiritual-reading-for-lent-2/

Lulu, the publishers, have a special deal running until this Tuesday, November 27. Enter the code REDEMPTIO and you will receive a 30% discount. Go here to purchase the book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/professor-alfred-orahilly/father-william-doyle-sj/paperback/product-15463211.html;jsessionid=F76EA7FADA35DAEF6D905BC4F142089B

This book would make a great Christmas gift for a loved one, a priest or seminarian, or even for visitors to this blog if they have not yet read it.

Please note – this blog has no connection – financial or otherwise – with the sale of this book.

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