Thoughts for the Feast of the Sacred Heart from Fr Willie Doyle

“Most loving Jesus, kneeling before You in the Blessed Sacrament, I solemnly consecrate myself to Your Sacred Heart by vow. I vow always to be Your faithful lover and to strive every day to grow in Your love. In imitation of the oblation which B. Margaret Mary made of herself, I now wish to give myself up absolutely and entirely, without any reserve whatever, to Your most Sacred Heart, that You may be free to do with me, to treat me, as You wish, to send me whatever suffering or humiliation You wish. I desire to put no obstacle to the action of grace upon my soul, to be a perfect instrument in Your divine hands, to be Your victim should You so desire. I want to make this oblation and immolation of myself to Your Sacred Heart as completely as possible, and in the manner which You wish me to make it, O my Jesus. Therefore, again, by this vow, I make a complete surrender of myself and all I have to You. Do with me as You will, for from this hour I am wholly Yours”.


COMMENT: Fr Doyle, like many of the Jesuits of his day, was greatly devoted to the Sacred Heart. He wrote this consecration to the Sacred Heart during one of his midnight vigils, lit only by the glimmer of the red tabernacle light, on 29 September 1910.

Fr Doyle truly abandoned himself completely to the Sacred Heart, even to the extent of shedding his own blood for his “poor brave boys” in the trenches. The 7 years of life that remained to him were really the unfolding of his self-surrender to Christ.

On another matter, my intention to post something on Fr Doyle’s writings about the Eucharist and/or the daily theme of the International Eucharistic Congress throughout the week has not come to fruition. The talk about Fr Doyle on Monday night seemed to go well, and I enjoyed meeting many of those in attendance afterwards. Since then, I have hardly been at the computer at all in order to post anything. Between attending the Congress and doing my own normal work, there just hasn’t been time, so apologies!!

One final point – I gave an interview about Fr Doyle to EWTN radio on Tuesday. The programme will be transmitted within the next couple of weeks. I will post the details when I have them, and also post a link to the interview when it is archived.