Thoughts for March 2 from Fr Willie Doyle

It is useful from time to time to pause and ask ourselves if we are, like the child Jesus, growing in wisdom and grace. Does each evening see us farther on the path of perfection? When we lie down to rest, is it with the feeling that the day just passed has been one of progress in the spiritual life, of merit and victory over self? Have we crushed the promptings of self-will and trampled on our pride? Have we spent ourselves for God and wearied ourselves in works for Him? Have we been a help to the weak, the comfort of the needy, a light to the wandering one? If so, thank God for His goodness and resolve on nobler things.

COMMENT: It is highly recommended that we examine our conscience each evening. In doing so, if we can answer yes to these questions posed by Fr Doyle then we can be sure that we have lived a good a fruitful day. There is much truth in what the Imitation of Christ tells us:

If you have spent the day profitably, you will always be happy at eventide.

Almost invariably we will have to accept that our day could have been better. We could have been kinder, we could have been more patient, we could have worked harder or taken more advantage of opportunities for apostolate or lived more consciously in the presence of God.

In such a situation we do what Fr Doyle would suggest – thank God for what was good, ask pardon for our failings, and resolve with God’s help to improve tomorrow.

Apologies for missing a few posts over the past few days. However, I had a good excuse, as my wife gave birth to our third daughter yesterday. Her name is Gemma Rose. Incidentally, Fr Doyle was devoted to St Gemma, long before she was beatified or canonised – she died just 14 years before he himself did. Fr Doyle must have read an early translation of her Life by Venerable Germanus, as it is known that he occasionally used to open her biography at random to seek inspiration for his prayer.

St Gemma Galgani

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of beautiful baby girl Gemma! Of course i will miss your posts but you do have a wonderful special excuse. What joy!

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