Some administrative notices

Instead of a normal post we have two announcements for readers in Dublin and one general administrative announcement. Sorry for all of those readers who are not based in Dublin, we will return to normal service tomorrow. 

Today is St Valentine’s Day in the traditional Catholic calendar. Of course, marketers have managed to create something entirely different from this feast. Sadly, it is now a day that celebrates lust and sentimentality, rather than the true and noble love that we should associate with St Valentine. 

The Carmelite Church at Whitefriar Street in Dublin has the great privilege of holding the relics of St Valentine. Now, it must be admitted that other churches around the world also claim to hold this body, but this is probably because there was more than one St Valentine.  In any event, the body of St Valentine was given to the Carmelites in Dublin by Pope Gregory XVI in 1835. The casket containing the relics is normally held in a shrine at the side of the church, but it is placed in front of the altar on his feast. It is well worth visiting today if anyone has a chance to do so. 

The second announcement is that the annual Mass for the beatification of the Servant of God Fr John Sullivan SJ takes place on this coming Saturday, February 18, at 11am in Gardiner Street Church. Fr Sullivan was a great friend and admirer of Fr Doyle’s. They were ordained together on July 28, 1907, and some of Fr Doyle’s favourite aspirations were found amongst Fr Sullivan’s papers when the latter died. Fr Sullivan’s cause is a most worthy one that deserves every support. 

Fr John Sullivan SJ

One final point – a reader has brought to my attention the presence of objectionable ads on the site. I do not place any ads on the site, objectionable or otherwise. I am aware that WordPress occasionally place some ads, but I am under the impression that this is relatively rare thing. Perhaps I am wrong in this assumption. I am investigating this matter; it may be possible to pay a fee to ensure that nobody is exposed to any ads, objectionable or otherwise. 

Back to normal posts tomorrow!