Thoughts for February 6 from Fr Willie Doyle

Some of Fr Doyle’s favourite aspirations:

l. My Crucified Jesus, help me to crucify myself.

2. Lord, teach me how to pray and pray always.

3. Jesus, Thou Saint of saints, make me a saint.

4. Blessed be God for all things.

5. My loving Jesus within my heart unite my heart to Thee.

6. Heart of Jesus, give me Your zeal for souls.

7. My God, Thou art omnipotent, make me a saint.

One thought on “Thoughts for February 6 from Fr Willie Doyle

  1. Hi, I have always been meaning to get in touch so say how much I greatly admire your work and dedication to Fr. William Doyle. I very much enjoy and look forward to every night reading your blog offering words of encouragement and advice. Fr. William Doyle has found a place in my heart. I have per your suggestion purchased the biography and encouaged a friend to do also (the copy is on the way). I also purchased two copies just before xmas and gave them as presents to two priests. I only hope that they will read the books at some point. Anway, I was thinking perhaps you should consider introducing Fr. Doyle to the Divine Mercy weekend. The weekend is super weekend and I am very much sure he would be very well received by the thousands that go every year.

    Keep up the good work!

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