Thoughts for January 27 from Fr Willie Doyle

Each look of love to the Tabernacle causes a beat of grace-laden love in the Sacred Heart.

COMMENT: The Lord awaits us in the Tabernacle. Fr Doyle drew much strength from regular prayer before the Lord – often he could be found in prayer right through the night, especially when he was busy preaching a retreat. It seems that the busier he was, the more he approached the Lord in the Tabernacle and the more strength he gained for his work.

Fr Doyle also urged others to adore the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. He was one of the first to introduce Eucharistic holy hours in Ireland and he also one of the first in Ireland to advocate night vigils every Thursday in honour of the Agony in the Garden.

This also seems to be an appropriate day to mention the happy fact that the Benedictine monks of Our Lady of the Cenacle are relocating from Tulsa in Oklahoma to Ireland! Dom Mark Daniel Kirby is a friend of this blog and of Fr Doyle – he regularly mentions Fr Doyle on his own blog (some examples here: The main charism of the monks is Eucharistic adoration and reparation for the sins of priests. Fr Doyle was himself called to a specific mission of reparation for priests. He offered up many of his great penances for the sins of priests. All of this is so appropriate – the Church in Ireland has experienced more pain and damage from the sins of priests than perhaps anywhere else in the world.

You may read more about the monks and their move here and here  They would appreciate your support, both spiritual and temporal.