Thoughts for September 10 from Fr Willie Doyle

It seems to me the best and most practical resolution I can make in this retreat is to determine to perform each action with the greatest perfection. This will mean a constant “going against self,” ever agendo contra, at every moment and every single day. I have a vast field to cover in my ordinary daily actions, e.g. to say the Angelus always with the utmost attention and fervour. I feel, too, that Jesus asks this from me, as without it there can be no real holiness.

COMMENT: Today we see the wonderful practicality of Fr Doyle. It is this down to earth realism, typical of many of the canonised saints, that makes Fr Doyle such a great role model. Yes, Fr Doyle did extraordinary things in his life, but we must not let these remarkable feats obscure the fact that his spirituality was focussed on little things, and on doing them well.

This is something that we can all copy. Indeed, this is something that we must copy, for as Fr Doyle himself says, without striving to do our daily duties well, there is no real holiness.