Military chaplain’s beatification cause progresses

Fr Emil Kapaun

A beatification cause similar to that of Fr Doyle’s is making excellent progress and the documentation has just been sent to Rome.

Fr Emil Kapaun was a chaplain in the Korean War. Like Fr Doyle, he risked his life to save wounded soldiers and to bring the sacraments to them. Just like Fr Doyle, this initiative cost him his life. As a result of his dedication he was captured by the Korean and Chinese Communists and died in a prison camp.

A link to the full story can be found here:

Two quotes stand out from this story. Fr John Hotze, the episcopal delegate looking after the cause expressed the tremendous gratitude he and others felt at the example of Fr Kapaun:

The fact that we, unlike any other diocese in the United States, in the world, have been blessed by the example of this saintly man, Father Emil Kapaun, boggles my mind. How can we do anything less than give praise to God for this gift and strive to follow the example of Father Kapaun’s selfless giving.

The writer of the story also comments:

The (postulator) said Kapaun’s candidacy is unique compared with the hundreds of other cases he has investigated because it is so full of action and detailed. While most cases involve “very holy” priests and nuns who have miracles attributed to them, Fr. Kapaun’s story involves far more deeds of heroism, sacrifice and action.

Both of these comments could also very easily apply to Fr Doyle.

We continue to pray that the day may come when Fr Doyle’s holiness and sacrifice are more widely recognised.

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