Thoughts for February 16 from Fr Willie Doyle

We should call a man a fool who wasted his wealth warming himself before a fire made of banknotes. Do we act less madly in seeking gratification by consuming our precious day in frivolities?

COMMENT: Fr Doyle often wrote about how each day is a precious opportunity to grow in holiness. We never stand still in the spiritual life – we either move forward towards sanctity, or we regress. How many of us live wasteful lives of frivolity? Even if we are basically “good” people, we can still be consumed with frivolous habits that distract us from the holiness and good works with which we should be busy. By this I don’t mean that we waste time with legitimate leisure pursuits and relaxation. Such activities are both good and necessary in a balanced life. But even if we do try to live balanced lives, there will probably be some form of frivolity (such as television, food, internet, sleep, gossip, day dreaming…) with which we are often tempted.

Lent starts in 3 weeks. Perhaps this year it might be a good idea to focus our Lenten penitential activities on removing these frivolities from our lives and replacing them with prayer, work or acts of charity.